Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Reveal

We had planned this trip long before we knew we were pregnant but there was no way we were going to cancel. Instead, we decided that since the timing was right, we would find a way to do a gender reveal.

I asked around for some ideas and then reached out to our friend Kim, who also books our trips...Shameless plug: Please check out her site. It doesn't cost you a dime to book with her and she's AMAZING!

Anyways, Kim asked around and did a search online with me helping to brainstorm ideas. The one we both really liked involved getting Minnie or Mickey ears, having a Cast Member wrap them up, and then take them to Magician Mickey to have him open the package to surprise us. We decided that we would do this.

The ultrasound was done on the Tuesday before we left and the plan was to wait until Friday to do the reveal. This was so hard. I had to hide the envelope so nobody would peek and of course, there had to be some shenanigans involving the losing of the envelope or, with my old age, forgetting where I had placed it.

This was all fun and games until we arrived at the Magic Kingdom where we began to get nervous. As soon as we walked through the turnstiles, we headed towards the Emporium where we found a nice young lady who was also Cast Member to assist in wrapping up our doll and finalizing our purchase. The only problem was, after she headed off with our envelope, she disappeared!

After about a 15 minute panic, which felt more like an hour, we finally saw her walking towards us and with her, our package stapled shut. She handed it to us and told us that we were all set. I told her that we still needed to pay but she said that it had been taken care of by our Fairy Godmother. We were shocked but we weren't going to argue...Have you seen the prices at Disney?  WHOA!....but I digress.

As we made our way across the street, we finalized our plan and then got in line. We asked a young lady behind us if she would record the interaction and she agreed. We also spoke with the cast members along the way to see if they could let Mickey know what we were planning. Each one excitedly helped in putting our plan in motion.

When it was our turn, we had our pictures taken with Mickey and then, a Cast Member told Mickey that we needed his help. He was ecstatic to help and took our bag over to his dressing table to open. Once he had it open, he, the Cast Member, and even some people still standing in line, screeched with excitement to see what it was. At this point, our backs were turned and we couldn't see anything.

This is the moment when our favorite picture from the trip was taken.

Magical Mickey telling everyone to keep it a secret.

After Mickey walked back over to us, we were told to turn around and Magician Mickey presented us with with a baby blue Mickey doll. I had to fight back some tears...Yes, I am an emotional wreck. 

We were excited to find out what we were having and everyone clapped and cheered for us. We took more pictures and then, this magical Disney moment was over.

We will never forget how we learned that we were having our fourth boy on that day. All of the Disney Cast members, including Mickey, did a terrific job in helping us find out what we were having. We even saw later, that not only did our Fairy Godmother in the Emporium gift us the baby blue Mickey, but she gifted us several other baby Mickey toys to go along with it. She really did show us some Disney Magic on that day.

Thanks for reading.

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